Seeing The Rock out on the stage of WrestleMania again literally brought chills up my spine. Great introduction to the big show and he got the crowd pumped up...not that he really needed to because it is WrestleMania after all.

I live one hour east of Vancouver, B.C. where the Winter Olympics were held this year. The province has been preparing for this event for the last five years and I have watched, cynically, as the proposed cost of the Olympics has probably quadrupled from what we were originally told it would cost us. Our children will probably still be paying for the privilege of having the Olympics and council worker salary here.

The paralyzed person walks again known as "the Viper," Randy Orton, took to the ring to confront his rival, CM Punk. Despite a prior leg injury, Orton was able to have an excellent match. After Punk landed various shots with his feet, Orton mounted a comeback, and superplexed Punk off the top rope. The injured Orton then was able to deliver a DDT to Punk, also off the ropes. As Punk attempted to recover, Orton continued the attack, and tried to punt Punk. However, Orton's leg gave out, and he writhed in pain for some time. Recovering, Orton then attempted one of two RKOs. The first of these was avoided by Punk, who slid out of the ring. Punk then slingshotted himself back in the ring, but was caught in a mid-air RKO by the canny veteran from St. Louis. Orton then scored the pin, ending the contest.

rowdy roddy piper death was on the Monday Night Mayhem show recently where he talked about the upcoming NWA Legends Fan Fest and The Rock vs. John Cena at next year's Wrestle Mania. Here is what he had to say about Rock and Cena and why they need Piper.

I want to tell you about a lie that I squelched earlier this week. Any moron knows that you shouldn't put fire in your mouth unless you have had training on how to do it. Well, I did it. I ate fire this past weekend with no training. I have posted a video of this on my website. But I want you to understand that the world is full of liars. Including you. Stop listening to them. Heck, I ate fire! If I can do that, I can only imagine what you can accomplish.